Customer’s Material Management

  1. Visual inspectionof the material received: signaling to the customer of any defects which may affect the proper functionality of the object after treatment and agreement on corrective actions
  2. Control of the receipt of the correct documentation (drawings, specifictreatment…).
  3. Compilation of a processing card where the object is identified, it is indicated the required treatment and describes the main steps of the process, including thermal controls and tests, according to the processing procedure concerning the processing to be carried out.
  4. Delivery of material and documentation to the relevant production line: the operator shall stamp/sign on the corresponding tab of the completed process steps.
  5. Control of the various parameters (thickness, adhesion, anyheat and finalvisual inspection test); the inspector shall stamp/sign of the board corresponding checks.
  6. Dismantling of the material from the shell
  7. Packaging according to the instructions outlined in the appropriate procedure aimed at ensuring the integrity of the object during transport