The Company

home2Arezzo has been, and It is a city that has always been based on goldworking. In the 90’ Our company has developed around the gold processing but in the long term it has seen a considerable decline, leading us to consider other types of processing such as brass jewelry. This gave us the opportunity to know the galvanic industry.

At a later time the jewelry market had saturated and as a result we decided to evaluate the business of electroplating. Based on all the problems we bumped into during the work with the production of jewelry, we are today able to provide technical specifications more than a pure chemical, having honed over the years of production a trained eye to defect due to galvanic.

For several years we have stopped production dedicating ourselves totally and exclusively to the electroplating industry.

Having been manufacturers, we know all the effort to create an accessory of a certain level and we know that the destiny of this, even if it is done in a skillfully manner, is decided in electroplating. This is why Our strength is to have a particular care for every single accessory and all services are coordinated to ensure the highest level of precision possible.

We also follow the specifications imposed by the various brands, ensuring, through RX certification, the various thicknesses in the substrate.
For all these reasons above mentioned we guarantee you professionalism and confidentiality that can make the parts to operate in the best mutual respect.